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Nov 2021 21

I have a Bachelor of Arts from Earlham College in Computer Science and Computer Music with an Integrated Pathway in Digital Arts. My primary research interests and studies delve into the deep audio-visual synthesis capabilities of software (Ableton Live, MaxMSP, etc.), the ever-evolving production of high-quality audio, breaking the fringes of sound through creative and philosophical thought, and the creation of virtual music through electronic and computer music related means.

I am currently going for a Master in Music Composition and Theory at Wayne State University.

I was the co-head of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Chapter at Earlham College, and I also was the first student member. I play Baritone Saxophone and use it in a lot of my music. My work mainly deals with the creation of Max, Max for Live, and Jitter patches and applications. Most applications decipher some of the complex computer music properties, some mostly deal with help for work in Ableton, and others are made to work with live performances.

All of my MaxMSP, Max for Live, Jitter, and other application work can be found here:
https://justinkerobo.xyz/maxmsp/ and

All/Any of the work that I do is on my Github: https://github.com/JustinKerobo

All of my music can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/justinkerobo/

My undergraduate thesis project is “Open-Source 3D Audio Sequencer for Sound and Musical Recognition in MaxMSP using HOA Library and Jitter,” more information can be found about that here:


Finally, all of my academic work/papers/essays that pertain to music, computers, and technology can be found here: