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Etude Aternal

Mar 2022 16

a. Creation Date: 10-24-2020

b. Instrumentation
i. Alto Saxophone
ii. Baritone Saxophone
c. Etude Concept
i. The etude concept is created through two ideas:

  1. Listening to the virtuosic and considerably challenging playing of Giant Steps by John Coltrane on Tenor Saxophone and Selected Studies for Saxophone by H. Voxman. Within, composers Heinze, Ferling, and Luft are the structural model for the etude.
  2. The main element of the COVID-19 quarantine, staying at home and working with electronics and personal recording, and potentially any limitations could occur from that.

d. Notes

  • I made Sono-Spatial Walk, an audio-visual and open-source 3D audio sequencer for sound and musical recognition in MaxMSP using HOA Library and Jitter. Sono-Spatial Walk is the audio-visual component to the piece, which detaches the performers from the music and replaces them with a 3D shape and object, controllable by the performer.
  • Joshua Kerobo, my brother, plays the Alto Saxophone on the recording. I, Justin Kerobo, play the Baritone Saxophone.
    • We recorded through Ableton Live because that was better than the recording in Max and routed it through a Max for Live patch to get the recording.
    • Another aspect of the music was the visual component to the score and confusing the performer. A saxophonist will have notes that in notational value are the same, but they prefer the more musical value, like E# to F.