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Dec 2018 25

A musician, artist, composer, or even scientist has many needs when it comes to the sound space, which is one of the first dimensions of contemporary musical and sonal thought. There are many ways to affect the virtual sonal environment with hardware and software. Of the various tools in the electroacoustic domain, this focuses on spatialization. Using this, an artist can create new music, a composer can change sound directly, and a musician can edit their sound in real-time. HOA Library is one of the tools that has allowed musicians and composers to synthesize, transform and render sound spaces in a creative way.

However, due to conventional means of spatialization, HOA Library is widely overlooked. Therefore, I developed “SonoSpatial Walk,” a 3D audio sequencer in Max that uses MIDI, Jitter, and HOA Library. It is dependent on nothing but open-source, crossplatform libraries. I use HOA Library for sound spatialization by getting the values of the environment from the Jitter and OpenGL matrix that creates the objects, space, and scene by values.

The program also allows for the saving of sounds and objects in the space, along with reverberation values of the room that are editable due to the HOA Library. A user can control the room reverberation, enable keyboard control, full-screen, nonmovement commands, and navigation commands in the sound space with MIDI control. Finally, I add an interface by using Java which allowed for the traversal of the sound space with a keyboard and mouse to be able to trigger objects.

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