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Dec 2018 30

This program takes sample input directly from whatever you are playing in Ableton and allows it to be recorded and stored for you to be able to add a “glitch” effect to it. The program allows recording in real-time, 2 sample locations (which can be recorded to at any time, with any audio track and effect), looping of the samples that you have, explicit on and off control, and the speed knob (which allows for the “glitching” effect).

The specialty of this Max for Live device is its ease of use and direct impact on the tracks that you create. It allows for quick and impactful edits on the music that you can make directly. It makes use of the time2sample functions through receiving the audio after it is set, and edits that based from the speed knob which converts numbers to audio signals. After that, it goes into the groove object, which is a variable-rate, looping, sample-playback object which references the audio information stored in a buffer~ object having the same name. Inside of the groove object, the patch takes the numbers turned into audio and the audio and mixed it, outputting it to the live.gain. You can record by selecting what sample you want to register to, sample1 or sample2, and pressing the record button.