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Fool’s Goals

Mar 2022 16

a. Creation Date: 02-06-2021

b. Instrumentation

Grand Piano

Fool’s Goals is a vision of various peculiarities of the ostinato. It is mainly recognizable in music as a continuously iterated musical phrase. The main melodic lines the piece plays on, and the ostinato idea musically is rooted in Latin.
Ostinato can also mean stubborn, more directly from Latin obstinātus. Obstinātus is the past participle of obstināre, which means to persist. There is something odd about most culture and the fool’s perceived notions; it ties to doing the same thing and receiving a different result. While the piece moves horizontally, it takes you somewhere through repetition, variance, iterations, even harmonically, yet the player does not use the full range.
A journey determines a person’s quality going through it; it shows their persistence to move forward and accomplish their goals along the way.
Sometimes only a fool can see it through, but then again, a journey is usually worth it in the end.